Elvis Presley’s Private Jets for Auction

This past weekend, it was announced that the late Elvis Presley’s two private aircrafts, the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, are set to be auctioned by sealed bid. Even though both jets are not deemed air worthy, they are still expected to be auctioned between $10 to $15 million each, according to BBC.

The King of Rock bought the Lisa Marie, a Convair 880, in 1975 and spent about $300,00 remodeling it. Presley named the aircraft after his only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who was born in 1968. The jet features a bathroom complete with gold adornments, a stereo system with fifty speakers, and a master suite with a full size bed. The tail also displays Presley’s trademark ‘TCB’ for ‘Taking Care of Business.’


The Hound Dog II, a Lockheed Jetstar, was also bought by Presley in 1975. This jet transported Presley around the world while the Lisa Marie was being remodeled.

Both aircrafts have been on display at Graceland, a tourist hotspot, for past 30 years. Fans have had the opportunity to tour both jets. The buyer of both the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II has the option to purchase land next to the Graceland to display the aircrafts.



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